Stuart Varney said Monday on Fox Nation's "My Take" that New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) spread "utter nonsense" about America, its economics and culture during a forum at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

Varney said the festival has become a "gathering point for left of center politicians" and that Ocasio-Cortez was seen as the event's "shining star."

"What she had to say was simply ridiculous," he said.

Varney said Ocasio-Cortez claimed that fears about automation taking away American jobs is not a problem, because those pushed out of the workforce by robots will have "more time to be creative."

He said that Ocasio-Cortez should tell that to millennials who cannot find work because liberals pushing $15-per-hour minimum wage has kept them from getting entry-level or unskilled jobs.

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The Bronx and Queens lawmaker also claimed that if people in America cannot find work, they are left "to die." Varney said the truth was otherwise: "It's just plain false."

"AOC is so far out of line and so far from national policy that she must certainly be a bubble," he said, adding that hopefully her "bubble" will burst before her views become mainstream.

"If [she] affects the [long-term] politics and morality of our society, then we have one hell of a problem," Varney said.

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