Historian and author Victor Davis Hanson said President Trump won in 2016 and continues to hold sizable support because his agenda is "tailor-made" for key constituencies throughout the country that have become disillusioned with politics.

Speaking with Todd Starnes on Fox Nation, Hanson said that not only did Trump have a political agenda that was "in part, antithetical to his party," but that at least 11 states in the middle of the country were enthused by his candidacy.

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Hanson said Trump's concentration on national security, energy production and leveling the playing field with China - all important issues in the Rust Belt - were overlooked by Republicans and Democrats for years.

"It's baffling that 16 other Republican candidates didn't grasp that," he said, wondering whether candidates like Sens. Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio would have been able to win on the same message. 

He said the "$64,000 question" about the 2016 election is whether voters were more drawn to the message from Trump or the messenger. 

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