A wounded veteran is sounding off on the case of ISIS bride Hoda Muthana, who is begging to return to America after leaving years ago to join the terror group.

Muthana currently is living at a refugee camp in northeast Syria and she "is willing to pay whatever debts she has to society” -- even if it means serving a lengthy prison sentence, her family's lawyer told Fox News last month.

The attorney said Muthana -- who allegedly operated a Twitter account that tried to incite violence against Americans -- is “tremendously remorseful” for what she did

Joey Jones, a retired Marine Corps bomb technician who lost both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan, shared his reaction on "Fox & Friends" Friday: "I'm not buying it."

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"We send our men and women every day -- thousands by the year -- to go somewhere and possibly die, so that we can stay safe and secure here," Jones said. "And we have an opportunity to keep one of those enemy people from coming onto our shores, and we should do everything we can to stop that from happening."

He praised President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for vowing to keep Muthana out of the country and denying that she a U.S citizen.

He noted that the White House has two central arguments in denying Muthana reentry to the U.S.

First, that she was born to parents who enjoyed diplomatic-agent-level immunity at that time of her birth, so she was born not subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S., and did not and could not acquire U.S. citizenship at birth.

Second, that she renounced her American citizenship by committing treason and making war on the U.S.

"I just appreciate we have an administration that's following these paths and looking for the legal and fool-proof approach to keep her away from this amazing country," Jones said.

"We can't take that risk, and we shouldn't take that risk."

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