In a riveting, in-depth presentation, Fox Nation examines a crime that paralyzed a rural South Carolina town and captivated the country's attention.

In late October 1994, Susan Smith called police to report the disappearance of her two sons, 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex, in the town of Union.

Authorities launched a massive search after Smith told them an African-American man had carjacked her vehicle and driven away with her sons inside.

But as few leads came in, investigators grew skeptical of Smith's claims and after more than a week, she confessed to a horrific crime. Smith told police she had rolled her car into a pond near her home, drowning her children. 

In Part 2 of "The Big Story: The Shocking Story of Susan Smith," prosecutor Tommy Pope announces that he is seeking the death penalty, which would make Smith the first woman to be put to death in South Carolina.

"If the carjacker had done it, we would absolutely demand the death penalty, the public would. If the husband had done it, again, there would be a public outcry for the death penalty," Pope said. "Susan Smith had to be treated the same as if it had been the father or if it had been the carjacker."

Find out how the trial unfolds and what happens to Smith in the dramatic conclusion to "The Shocking Story of Susan Smith" on Fox Nation.

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