Daniel Henninger wrote Wednesday in the The Wall Street Journal that the story of the year to this point is President Trump's record on jobs, but the issue isn't getting much coverage. 

The paper's deputy editorial page editor told Dana Perino Thursday that the strength of the economy is shaping up to pose a "very serious problem" for Democrats in 2020. 

He said former VP Joe Biden could garner blue-collar votes, but the current field of candidates are embracing far-left economic policies and "denying the reality" of the economy. 

"It's one really good news story that's historic," Henninger said of the jobs report.

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"People are being pulled into the workforce that are usually on the margin," he said, naming single mothers and other groups.

"As the job market tightens, people start to move up the employment chain to better jobs," he said.

He also criticized Democrats for forwarding high-tax, job-killing proposals including the Green New Deal. 

The Labor Department will announce Friday the jobs report and unemployment data for February. In a recent Gallup poll, Trump's approval rating on the economy was at 56 percent, the highest mark of his presidency. 

Watch the full interview above. 

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