The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee ripped Chairman Jerrold Nadler for calling redundant witnesses and continuing to search for a crime committed by President Trump.

Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia said that Nadler "start[ed] with the hypothesis that 'we don't like the president and we know the president is guilty of something'."

He called the Manhattan Democrat's demand for documents from more than 80 people within Donald Trump's orbit "one of the most blatant power ... grabs and abuses of a committee whose jurisdiction is so broad and vast."

Collins said that many of those subjected to the subpoenas have already testified to Congress on the matter, including former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo.

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"He's already testified. Go read -- maybe they're having trouble reading -- I could get them 'Hooked-on-Phonics'," Collins said.

He called Nadler's investigation a "fishing expedition" and considered it a "concerning" development in the face of more pressing challenges to America.

Collins said that Nadler may also be feeling pressure from the far left, after billionaire Trump-impeachment advocate Tom Steyer held a town hall in his Upper West Side district.

Caputo also joined "The Daily Briefing" and concurred that Nadler was conducting a "fishing expedition."

He added that he "already responded" to similar inquiries via two other bouts of Congressional testimony.

Watch more above, and watch Caputo's interview below.

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