Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell says a series of recent controversies over students wearing "Make America Great Again" apparel to school highlights the intolerance of the left.

In the most recent incident, several Arizona high school students claim they were reprimanded for wearing MAGA attire to school for a spirit week "Party in the USA" day.

They say they were told to remove the apparel, and when they refused, they were asked to leave campus. One of the students was suspended, but a Chandler Unified School District spokesperson said it was for a different reason.

In an email to parents, Perry High School Principal Dan Serrano said the students were not disciplined for expressing their political viewpoints or wearing political attire. He said they were asked to leave campus after their "political signage" caused a safety concern and they refused to comply with a school resource officer.

In a similar incident, a California teen claimed last month that she was banned from wearing a MAGA hat to class.

On "Fox News @ Night" on Tuesday, Caldwell said he's not surprised by these incidents because many on the left preach tolerance but do not practice it.

He said these school dress code stories raise important questions about censorship and free speech, but it's particularly problematic when anti-Trump sentiment rises to the level of political violence, such as when an Oklahoma student aggressively confronted a classmate and knocked off his MAGA hat.

Fox News contributor Richard Fowler said there needs to be more tolerance from both sides of the aisle, and it starts at the top with lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

Caldwell agreed, but he argued that in the current climate, acts of censorship or political violence are disproportionately aimed at Trump supporters.

"This has become very problematic on one side. We haven't as much of these incidents on the other, so I think that's something we all should be concerned about."

Watch the "Fox News @ Night" segment above.

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