Author and historian Victor Davis Hanson said on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday that President Trump will define the 2020 election as a simple choice for voters between his policies and socialism. 

Hanson, who has released a new book called "The Case for Trump," said Trump has already started making the argument, including in his State of the Union address and at Saturday's two-hour speech at CPAC.

He said the 2016 election was about Hillary Clinton's "foibles" against Trump's own issues, but in the next election, Republicans will argue "[Trump] is the only thing between you and socialism."

"He's gonna say, 'Whatever you think of me, I'm not that.' He did that to an extent in 2016 and it was successful," said Hanson, explaining that the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all and late-term abortion are not "51 percent issues" in the country. 

Hanson said when it comes to the economy, an "American renaissance" is occurring, but the media and the left refuse to give Trump credit or talk about it. He pushed back on former Vice President Joe Biden's argument that the U.S. has retreated from the world stage under Trump. 

Hanson argued that Trump has "changed the entire dialogue" on China, North Korea, NATO, NAFTA and the European Union, and many of his opponents will not admit that they agree with his stances on some of these issues.  

"People will agree with him in principle, but they don't want to say he has his fingerprints on these issues, but he does," Hanson explained.

Watch the full interview above.

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