Tucker Carlson challenged BuzzFeed News editor-in-chief Ben Smith on the website's publication of the Steele dossier and a disputed report on Michael Cohen.  

Carlson asked Smith why BuzzFeed did not follow up its publication of the unverified Trump-Russia dossier with further reporting on portions that are untrue. He noted that Cohen was alleged to have gone to Prague to meet with Russians, but he has denied that and it's never been proven. 

Carlson added that Carter Page was falsely cast in the dossier as a "disloyal American" for his financial connection to a Russian energy company, but it was false.

Smith said BuzzFeed has reported "extensively" on Page and "carried his side" of the story as well. He said he did not see it as BuzzFeed's obligation to "tie a bow on the story" and chase down each claim made in the dossier.

BuzzFeed's bombshell report in January stated that President Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress about a Trump Tower Moscow project, but the report was later knocked down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office. 

"You’re refusing to admit it has been debunked," Carlson noted.

Smith said the story has not been debunked and the dispute is over whether Trump explicitly stated to Cohen that he should mislead Congress. Carlson said Cohen could have easily confirmed the report in his testimony to Congress last week, but did not. 

Carlson said he genuinely respects Smith for coming on the show to defend his reporting.

Watch the interview above and more from Tucker below.