Jesse Watters and the panel on "The Five" on Tuesday reacted to House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler's recent request for documents from more than 80 people within the personal or professional orbit of President Trump.

"We have got to make sure this is not a dictatorship," said Nadler, a Democrat representing New York City's Upper West Side. 

Nadler said in that same CNN interview that Trump has sustained attacks on the freedom of the press, law enforcement and freedom of speech.

"Instead of doing infrastructure ... they want to play games," Trump said in response to Nadler's request.

Watters said the new potential investigations are in response to Democrats' fear that the Russia probe will produce less incriminating evidence against Trump than they hoped.

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He said the accusations against Trump could become a "runaway train" and that the media is "fueling the fire."

"Democrats are getting nervous and they're scrambling for new crimes," Watters added. "If I were the president, I would cooperate -- I would call [executive] privilege on a lot of this stuff -- the same way Barack Obama did."

Jedidiah Bila added that Nadler's actions show that Democrats are becoming desperate and that the "rational people" who had earnest concerns about Trump "have left the room."

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