The owner of a Long Island City, N.Y. barbecue restaurant ripped local politicians who successfully opposed Amazon's plan to build a headquarters in the Queens neighborhood, in an interview with Neil Cavuto on Friday.

Josh Bowen, owner of John Brown's Smokehouse near the proposed building site, blasted New York City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside) and State Sen. Michael Giannaris (D-Astoria) over their general opposition to the Amazon deal.

"I do know that [Amazon] really wants to be here," Bowen said. "[The opposition] was not a matter of business, they turned a business deal into politics. The dumb politicians turned it into politics."

Bowen said that he is a progressive Democrat and criticized Republicans at one point, but he argued that the failure of the Amazon deal transcends politics.

Bowen called Amazon "about as progressive a company as you can get," and said the local politicians "handed a nuclear weapon to Republicans" in regard to job creation.

"I've never heard of a politician running on 'I kill jobs' but we have Jimmy Van Job-Killer as our representative," he said, adding that he had hoped Amazon would've brought the means to help "Queens dominate."

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Van Bramer tweeted that Bowen sent him a threatening text message over the Amazon deal. "It is several threats rolled into one. Demanding an elected official make a call to Amazon by a certain time or else. This is disgusting."

Van Bramer, who is also the deputy city council leader, said in response that he "doesn't respond to threats."

Bowen told Cavuto that the text message was not meant as a threat of physical violence.

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