Trump Organization EVP Donald J. Trump Jr. and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. spoke during a CPAC panel streamed on Fox Nation, and they weighed in on the media's coverage of President Trump's second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump Jr. said that his young daughter Chloe -- who he said does not know about North Korea -- both knows more and has accomplished more than the media's "experts" on the subject.

"After 60 years, [President Trump] is the only guy who's actually made any kind of progress in North Korea," Trump Jr. said.

"I woke up for two years listening to [television] pundits and experts -- we call them that -- and they [say] their life's work has been working on North Korea."

"How many times have they met [with the Kims]?" Trump Jr., 41, asked.

He said the purported experts have accomplished "exactly zero" on the matter, and that it made him think of his young children.

Trump Jr. said he often watches morning news shows with daughter Chloe, 4, and one day told her that she "accomplished as much as that [North Korean] expert on TV."

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He said Chloe seemed surprised, adding that "the fact she doesn't know [about North Korean policy] means she knows exactly what these quote-unquote experts have said."

Trump Jr. said his father has instead experienced multiple successes in relations with the hermit regime, noting the return of hostages, the return of Korean War veteran remains and the lack of further nuclear tests or missiles being shot over American ally Japan.

Falwell Jr., 56, added that Trump Sr.'s success in North Korea may be attributed to his business background, which he said past presidents lack.

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