Republican Rep. Chip Roy blasted Democrats for essentially wasting the country's time with Wednesday's testimony from President Trump's former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen. 

Roy, former chief of staff to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) who represents an area near Austin, lashed out at Democrats at the hearing, calling it a "charade" and an "embarrassment for our country."

"Real Americans in my district and across the country wanted the president to be president, not in any way because he's perfect, but rather because they are sick and tired of this hellhole. They supported the president because they are sick and tired of the games we are seeing here today," he said.

Roy, a freshman congressman, told "Fox & Friends" that Democrats purposely scheduled the hearing to distract from President Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He said Americans are tired of the way Congress operates. 

"They saw a circus, they saw the swamp in action. That is precisely what they sent me here to change," said Roy, expressing frustration that Cohen was invited to testify after previous lies to Congress.

Trump's former attorney and fixer lobbed numerous bombs at Trump, presenting what he said was proof - in the form of signed checks - of Trump's hush payments to women in 2016. He called the president a "racist," "cheat" and a "con man" and estimated he'd been directed by Trump to threaten people about 500 times in a 10-year period.

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