Former CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Logan says political bias in the press is destroying Americans' faith in journalism.

On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, Logan said she travels all over the U.S. and speaks to all kinds of different people, and one recurring theme is that many people are tuning out the news.

"What people say to me consistently is that’s all they hear from most of the media, is about Trump and Russia. And whether it’s Michael Cohen, you can substitute that for Roger Stone or somebody else," Logan said. "They don’t watch anymore because they’re tired of hearing all of that."

Host Steve Doocy noted that in a recent interview Logan called out what she believes to be a rampant liberal bias across the news media.

"The media everywhere is mostly liberal. But in this country, 85 percent of journalists are registered Democrats. So that’s just a fact, right?" Logan had said.

She clarified that she was not claiming there are no good journalists on the left, but that political discourse has "infiltrated" journalism.

"What happened to reporting the facts?" Logan said, lamenting that more and more people complain to her that they cannot get the facts, let alone from one article or news outlet.

"If the vast majority of our profession are on one side of the political spectrum, then let's be honest about what role that's playing in this moment, particularly when the coverage is so weighted on one side."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" interview above.

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