House Oversight Committee Member Jim Jordan of Ohio said Thursday that Michael Cohen was the "best witness" Democrats thought they could find who could get the ball rolling on impeachment proceedings for President Trump.

Jordan said that no one can trust "anything [Cohen] says" and that he and fellow member Mark Meadows of North Carolina referred Cohen to Attorney General William Barr for allegedly lying in Wednesday's hearing.

Jordan said that, among other things, Cohen failed to properly disclose work he reportedly undertook on behalf of entities in Kazakhstan.

"He [also] denied he ever wanted to work in the White House," Jordan said, adding that previous press appearances by the now-disbarred attorney prove otherwise.

Jordan said the hearing was an attempt at a pretext for Trump's impeachment, as evidenced by reaction given to CNN by committee member Carolyn Maloney.

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Maloney, whose New York district includes Trump Tower, said that she learned valuable information from Cohen and that the hearing's proceedings could "possibly" lead to problems for Trump.

"They're going to do it," Jordan said of impeachment. 

He said pro-impeachment activist and billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer held two key events in the past number of weeks in New York and Baltimore.

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