A former abortionist who claimed to have conducted more than 1,200 abortions over several years spoke out about what made him decide to stop performing the grisly operations.

Dr. Anthony Levatino, a certified OB-GYN who is working with the new film "Unplanned," said on "Fox & Friends" Thursday that in the 1980s, his young daughter Heather was hit by a car and later died.

He said that when he began practicing in the late 1970s, he was a "dedicated pro-choice" doctor who performed first and second trimester abortions.

"This was a woman's right to choose and I was an obstetrician, and I was going to provide that care," he said of himself at the time.

However, after losing his daughter, he said he looked at his work differently.

During a second trimester abortion procedure he was conducting soon after Heather's death, Levatino paused after he had removed parts of the fetus from the patient's uterus.

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"They call it dismemberment abortion for a reason," he said. "I stared at what I had just pulled out of the uterus."

"I looked at that pile of body parts [and] didn't see the right to choose," he said.

"Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt said that she was struck by his story, adding that the pictures Levatino shared of Heather reminded her of her daughter Hayden.

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