During Michael Cohen's public testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee Wednesday, the former Trump attorney clashed with Rep. Jim Jordan.

Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) had just finished questioning Cohen and yielded his remaining time back to Jordan (R-Ohio), the ranking Republican on the committee.

Jordan accused Cohen of not accepting responsibility for his crimes and not expressing remorse.

He paraphrased federal prosecutors' sentencing memo: "Cohen's consciousness of wrongdoing is fleeting, his remorse is minimal, his instinct to blame others is strong."

Cohen pushed back, saying that he takes responsibility for his mistakes and taking issue with Jordan's suggestion that Cohen believes he "really didn't do anything wrong."

"Mr. Jordan, that's not what I said. And you know that that's not what I said," Cohen said. "I said that I pled guilty and I take responsibility for my actions ... Shame on you, Mr. Jordan. That's not what I said. Shame on you."

He continued: "I made mistakes. I own them. ... I pled guilty and I am going to be, again, going to prison."

Watch the testy exchange above, and see Jordan's earlier questioning of Cohen below.

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