Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, said she doesn't understand why Michael Cohen's public testimony on Capitol Hill is getting as much coverage as Trump's historic efforts at denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

Cohen, Trump's former longtime personal attorney, will testify publicly before the House Oversight and Reform Committee Wednesday morning, right in the midst of Trump's trip to Hanoi, Vietnam to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

According to prepared remarks for the hearing, Cohen will accuse Trump of knowing that his former adviser Roger Stone was reaching out to WikiLeaks concerning the publication of stolen Democratic National Committee emails.

But Cohen apparently will not claim Trump directed those communications, and Cohen will specifically assert that he lacks direct evidence of improper collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia.

On "Fox & Friends" Wednesday, Conway referred to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders' statement regarding Cohen:

Disgraced felon Michael Cohen is going to prison for lying to Congress and making other false statements. Sadly, he will go before Congress this week and we can expect more of the same. It’s laughable that anyone would take a convicted liar like Cohen at his word, and pathetic to see him given yet another opportunity to spread his lies.

She said Cohen is an "admitted" liar and his testimony should not be treated with the same gravity as the commander-in-chief working toward a major diplomatic victory halfway around the world.

"How is it relevant? How is it relevant to what the president's trying to do in North Korea and elsewhere?"

Watch the "Fox & Friends" interview above.

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