A California high school student is calling out her school district after she was told she couldn't wear a “Make America Great Again” hat to class.

According to the Clovis Unified School District, the issue was that Clovis North High School senior Maddie Mueller's red MAGA hat wasn't a school hat or a hat from a school club or activity.

In an "Ingraham Angle" exclusive interview Monday, Mueller said she "wholeheartedly disagrees" with that explanation, and she believes that the district is discriminating against her political beliefs.

Mueller claimed she has since seen multiple students wearing hats supporting Bernie Sanders and several others with the LGBTQ rainbow flag.

She said she decided to speak out because she believes that someone "needed to take a stand."

"Someone needed to stand up not just for Clovis North, not just for Clovis Unified, but nationwide for the conservative and Christianity monitoring that’s going on on campuses," Mueller said.

She revealed that she hasn't been wearing the MAGA hat to school since she was told not to, but she's continuing to try to wear pro-Trump, pro-conservative, pro-law-enforcement apparel on campus.

"I had to get my 'Support the Blue' sweatshirt approved. I have to get all of my sweatshirts and shirts approved through the disciplinary office before I can actually wear them," Mueller said.

Watch the "Ingraham Angle" exclusive above.

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