Judge Andrew Napolitano said the timing of Michael Cohen's testimony before Congress appears to be intended to distract from President Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Cohen, Trump's former longtime personal attorney, is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors Tuesday. He will testify publicly before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday, and on Thursday he will be interviewed behind closed doors by the House Intelligence Committee.

A person with knowledge of Cohen’s planned testimony before the House Oversight Committee told the Wall Street Journal that Cohen will publicly accuse Trump of criminal conduct in relation to hush-money payments to women who allege they had affairs with Trump.

On "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, Napolitano, Fox News' senior judicial analyst, suggested it's not coincidental that Cohen's several hearings -- particularly Wednesday's public hearing -- overlap with Trump's trip to Vietnam.

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"No lawyer -- prosecutor or defense counsel -- would put Michael Cohen on the stand and assert that he is credible without a mountain of corroborating evidence to support him," Napolitano said. "Are we going to get that? Probably not. This is not a 'legal' hearing."

He said that without the corroborating evidence, Cohen testifying before Congress is only an attempt to "ruin the president’s trip to Vietnam.”

“This is not a courtroom where you put a witness on the stand and corroborate them. This is a political gathering. They don’t care about corroboration,” Napolitano said. "They're stealing a headline from Vietnam, from the president’s behavior in Vietnam."

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