In his latest "Reality Check" on Fox Nation, David Webb said that 2020 Democratic candidates and some past Republican candidates routinely "sell" the notion of political diversity through their campaign messaging.

Webb said that Democrats have laid "claim" to the votes of African-American communities, and in the 20th Century, Republicans "ignored substantial outreach to blacks."

But, Webb said that in the immediate aftermath of the slavery era, African-Americans began their electoral lives largely identifying with the Republican Party.

The first two black senators during and after Reconstruction were Republicans from Mississippi.

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"Real diversity in a political party is to appeal to all ethnicities, age groups, and both genders, [via] long-term policy successes that the party advocates and delivers," Webb said. 

Webb said that instead of playing identity politics, candidates wishing to campaign on "political diversity" should instead focus on "actions taken and not platitudes."

He said that the GOP is the party that offers "a future where freedom is more likely the outcome than more government control" and that such a future promotes diversity.

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