The panel on "Outnumbered" reacted to comedian Bill Maher ripping "red state" Middle America as poor and uncultured.

Maher said that "there are two Americas," and that one "is where the cool jobs are."

"We have orchestras and theater districts. We have Chef Wolfgang Puck. They have Chef Boyardee," he said.

"Our roofs have solar panels. Theirs have last year's Christmas lights," Maher said on HBO.

Melissa Francis ripped Maher, saying that he revealed on television "exactly what liberals think of everyone else."

She called Maher the "quintessential definition of what a limousine liberal is."

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Kennedy said that Maher "used to be funny" but has shifted to telling "blatant lies" and that his monologue on Friday wasn't even a "clever take."

"How sad it is for Bill Maher that doesn't know anyone with callouses on their hands. after they get a cancer diagnosis," she added, advising Maher to visit tent cities in and around Los Angeles and high schools in the area with poor graduation rates. 

She said the city of Los Angeles struggles with the same issues of class disparities and is "riddled with problems and statism."

"That is not even a clever take on something. It is a blatant lie and he should go spend some real time with real people in the middle of the country."

Republican pollster Chris Wilson quipped sarcastically that he was in Texas last week and heard all the time "how much they want to be like New Jersey."

Democrat Jessica Tarlov noted that many liberals do not like Maher, saying Amazon already operates in red states and there are many award-winning chefs in red states. 

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