This week's "Greg Gutfeld Show" featured a hilarious parody ad for a seminar for liberal journalists.

The Blame Insinuate Accuse Seminar (BIAS), according to the ad, helps members of the media learn how to write inflammatory headlines to get more clicks.

"Attention news professionals," the voiceover says. "Do the traditions of objective reporting bore you? Are you hungry for the profits that come with agenda-driven headlines? Then send your journalists to The Blame Insinuate Accuse Seminar!"

The ad then showed how several headlines could be rewritten for "maximum profit."

Midwest Man Wins Mega-Millions Jackpot
Man Wins Lottery -- No Surprise To 3.2 Billion Women Who Didn't Win The Lottery

World War II Veteran Celebrates 95th Birthday
Elderly White Lifelong Republican Voter Turns 95 Thanks To Russian Collusion

Church Youth Group Holds Bake Sale For Flood Victims
Extremists Use Religion To Poison Victims With Heart-Clogging Toxins

Multi-Car Accident On Toronto Freeway
Multi-Car Accident On Toronto Freeway... ONLY IN TRUMP'S AMERICA

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