Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk said the physical attack against a conservative activist on the UC-Berkeley campus is just the latest example of the left losing its collective mind.

The alleged victim, Hayden Williams, was recruiting members to Turning Point USA on Tuesday when two men approached him and an argument ensued.

Cell phone video appears to show one of the men assaulting Williams, including punching him in the face, while accusing him of racism.

In a news release Friday night, campus officials announced that police had identified a potential suspect.

On "Fox & Friends" Saturday, Kirk said the stifling of conservatives on campuses shows that the left "hates the idea that there are other ideas."

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He noted that Jussie Smollett's alleged hate crime hoax preoccupied much of the media's attention during a week in which a "real hate crime" occurred on the Berkeley campus.

"They were just talking to students, trying to grow our chapter at University of California-Berkeley," Kirk said. "Somebody found our message so disturbing that they had to challenge us physically and violently."

He said incidents like this are happening on college campuses all over America.

"Not necessarily always physically, but we get verbal abuse, the harassment and also just the retaliation from the leftist people on campus that try to prevent us from being there in the first place," Kirk said.

He said his organization will never engage in physical confrontations, but they will not allow the "leftist mob" to use physical intimidation to silence conservatives.

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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