Amid reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe may be "near the end game," Ari Fleischer warned that Democrats' Trump-Russia collusion narrative could "boomerang terribly" back on them.

Fleischer cautioned everybody -- whether they support or oppose Mueller's investigation -- to have the patience not to get out in front of this story, and to wait for Mueller's report.

He said the American people deserve to "know everything," and the report should be made public, barring anything that compromises national security.

"We need to get this behind us one way or the other," Fleischer said. "If Mueller doesn't have the goods on Trump, the Democrats will owe him and the media a massive apology. If he's got the goods, Trump and his people need to deal with that. But, let's just wait and see."

He said the Democrats have a "huge risk" on their hands because they have played up Mueller's investigation and even launched their own probes into the 2016 election and the Trump administration.

"Democrats have never accepted this election. They are doing everything extra-political to get him out," Fleischer said.

"If they make this endless investigation an attempt to impeach when they don't have any evidence of collusion, this is going to boomerang terribly on the Democrats," Fleischer said. "If they don’t have any evidence, any proof, if Mueller says it’s not there, the Democrats are going to have a lot of backtracking and apologizing to do."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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