A heartwarming video shows a U.S. Army soldier surprising his wife at the hospital after she gave birth to twin girls.

Staff Sergeant Skyler Cooper was serving in Kuwait with the Kansas National Guard when his wife, Cydney, gave birth to twins Emma and Kyla on Jan. 24 at Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka, Kansas.

While he wasn't able to be present for the birth, Skyler was able to make it back stateside about two weeks later. But he didn't tell Cydney...

The video shows Cydney at the hospital holding one of the newborn girl and texting on her phone. Skyler walks in with balloons and flowers, and when she turns to see him, she breaks down in tears.

The touching moment has been viewed on Facebook more than two million times.

On "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning, Cydney said that when she saw her husband at the hospital, she felt a mix of shock and relief.

"He usually can't do a surprise, and he managed that one," Cydney joked.

She said that the girls, who were born about seven weeks premature, are doing very well and they should be headed home from the hospital before too long.

Skyler revealed that he's "home for good," and after about two weeks of leave, he will go back to duty at the National Guard Armory in Junction City, Kansas.

In addition to Skyler's surprise at the hospital, Cydney also shared a video of his heartwarming reunion with the couple's two young sons.

The family dog Lucy, however, might have been the happiest of all!

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