In a riveting, in-depth presentation, Fox Nation examines a crime that paralyzed a rural South Carolina town and captivated the country's attention. 

In late October 1994, Susan Smith called police to report the disappearance of her two sons, 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex, in the town of Union. 

Authorities launched a massive search after Smith told them an African-American man had carjacked her vehicle and driven away with her sons inside. 

But as few leads came in, investigators grew skeptical of Smith's claims and after more than a week, she confessed to a horrific crime. Smith told police she had rolled her car into a pond near her home, drowning her children.  

In Part 1 of "The Big Story: The Shocking Story of Susan Smith," you'll hear from investigators who helped unravel the grisly truth and local reporters who covered the daily twists and turns of the case.

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