House Budget Committee Member Dan Meuser (R-Pa.) said Wednesday that President Trump is "determined to correct" the longstanding trade imbalance between the U.S. and China.

Representatives from the two nations are negotiating this week, Maria Bartiromo reported.

Meuser, who represents Hamburg and Tamaqua, said Trump has "very good people" working on the contentious trade talks, adding that America indeed "has a big problem with China."

"I'm pretty confident we're going to come to a resolution," he said.

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Regarding the USMCA -- President Trump's replacement for NAFTA that Mexico and Canada have already approved -- Meuser said he expects Democrats to continue to "play politics" when it comes to Congress ratifying the deal.

Bartiromo agreed, adding that unions and other reliably liberal organizations do not want to give Trump a "win" on anything.

Meuser said most Americans will find something beneficial in the deal and should pressure their representatives to work with Republicans to ratify it.

Meuser said that in his case, the many family-owned Berks County dairy farms in his district would benefit from a change in NAFTA as it stands.

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