Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer ripped former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for his "salacious" claims about President Trump during his whirlwind media tour.

While he was appearing on ABC's "The View," McCabe was asked by Joy Behar whether he believed Trump was "an agent for Russia."

"We believed that could be possible and that's why we opened those cases. ... The FBI doesn't open cases because we like or don't like a person [or] are political in one direction or another," he said, adding any FBI investigation must be based on "credible, articulable" information about a potential national security threat or federal crime. 

Bill Hemmer asked Spicer what he learned from McCabe's media interviews.

"We're learning that he wants to sell books," Spicer said, adding that McCabe is using the "Comey playbook."

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"You get fired, you write a book, you make up salacious allegations, and you do a massive media tour."

Spicer said that no one should take seriously what McCabe has to say, pointing out that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz wrote that the ex-official "lacked candor" during questioning.

"He's doing everything he can to sell as many books as he can," Spicer said, accusing McCabe of having a history of being dishonest. 

Later in the interview, Meghan McCain asked McCabe whether he was ever a "leaker to the New York Times." McCabe denied it, but Spicer said his answer was "nuanced" and McCabe may believe that his talks with reporters were not necessarily "leaks."

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