Television host Dr. Drew Pinsky joined Greg Gutfeld on Fox Nation's "One Smart Person" Wednesday to discuss the homelessness epidemic in New York and California.

Pinsky, a board-certified doctor of internal medicine, pointed out the staggering statistic that more homeless people in California die of hypothermia than in New York.

The Los Angeles Times reported that about 39,000 homeless people in the Golden State live outdoors, and due to the state's warmer climate, hypothermia can set in at even 50 degrees.

"As a physician, I find this unconscionable that we allow this," said the MTV "Teen Mom" host.

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He pointed out that many people are leaving California because of the high taxes, arguing that in New York, taxpayers "get so much more."

"I feel the city working [in New York]," he said. "[In California], I feel it breaking down."

Aside from homelessness, Pinsky added that many streets are destroyed by potholes, even though California does not have the freezing weather of New York City. 

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