Washington Examiner commentary editor Timothy Carney joined Judge Napolitano on "Liberty File" on Fox Nation and discussed how the "erosion" of institutions like organized religion has added to the plight of the middle class.

"The suffering of the middle class in Middle America is real," Carney said, adding that it's "simplistic" to view it only as an economic issue.

He said that churches have been especially hard-hit in the "collapse of crucial institutions we've always relied on."

Carney said that leaders like President Obama worked to embolden the Jeffersonian "separation of church and state" mantra.

But, to the left, "their definition of 'state' is 'everything'," he said. 

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"The state doesn't like competing institutions," Carney added. Napolitano noted that some liberal politicians like Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) have openly criticized the evangelism of others.

"Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice," said Napolitano, asking if Harris would have asked something similar to a Muslim nominee.

He noted that Feinstein appeared to reprimand Judge Amy Coney Barrett because Catholic "dogma" lives "within [her]."

Carney said the same is true when politicians like Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) attack members of the Knights of Columbus.

Carney and Napolitano agreed that the prickly nature with which religion is treated by the government is definitively harmful to the middle class that relies on it as an institution, while government wishes to be the main institution.

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