Two mothers of young men killed by illegal immigrants -- or "Angel Moms" -- blasted CNN reporter Jim Acosta for what they perceived as weak or feigned sympathy after President Trump recognized their loss during a recent White House press conference.

Acosta “is no fan of the president and the same could be said in reverse," David Webb said on Reality Check on Fox Nation.

Webb said Acosta asked Trump whether he was "creating a national emergency" by claiming a crisis of illegal immigration at the southern border. Trump then turned to the Angel Moms and asked them to tell Acosta how they felt.

Sabine Durden, a legal immigrant from Germany whose son Dominic was killed in 2012 by an illegal immigrant with two prior felonies, and Agnes Gibboney, whose son Ronald was killed by an illegal alien in 2002, joined Webb to discuss.

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"[Acosta] didn't want to acknowledge us," Durden said. "He was packing up [so] I walked over and called him out for telling stories and making false statements."

"He then put on this Oscar-worthy performance of why CNN feels so bad for us," Durden said, adding that she asked him when the network would formally interview them in-studio.

Acosta then reported a live-shot on air with the women behind him, but Gibboney told Webb she didn't "want to be a prop" and pressed the CNN reporter to let them speak as well.

Gibboney said Acosta later sent her a picture of them talking to each other in the White House Rose Garden.

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