A Washington state baker got into some trouble with his town after making Valentine's Day cookies emblazoned with the words "Build the Wall," Todd Starnes said Monday on Fox Nation's "Starnes Country."

Starnes said Kent Bellingham had the heat turned up on him after baking the cookies at his Edmonds, Wash. bakery.

The town's "diversity commission" reprimanded Bellingham for making the products.

Starnes said it's unclear how or whether the town will pursue punishment against Bellingham.

He called the incident "nothing more than virtue signaling with a baseball bat."

"[Edmonds] has no right asserting itself into the business affairs of a private company," Starnes said. "If you don't like the message, don't eat the cookies."

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"A couple weeks ago, our community was negatively impacted by a business owner’s choice to spread a divisive and, for some, hurtful message," read a statement from the Edmonds Diversity Commission obtained by KIRO Radio.

"While we are aware that speech is protected by our First Amendment, words have consequences. Words can be hurtful and divisive but also can unite, embrace and welcome people into a community," it read.

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