Fox News contributor, eminent pollster and political theorist Pat Caddell died Saturday in Charleston, S.C. at the age of 68.

Fellow pollster Doug Schoen said that Caddell was the "guy who literally invented political polling and consulting as we know today."

Schoen told Charles Payne on "Your World" that Caddell is largely the one to credit with getting then-former Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter elected president in 1976.

Caddell was also an early "advocate" of President Trump, Schoen said, adding that the 2016 race marked the second time Caddell had correctly predicted an upset presidential election result.

Cadell, a native of Rock Hill, S.C., was a frequent guest on "Your World" and a friend of regular host Neil Cavuto.

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Cavuto's team played a montage of their best moments together, which included the host ribbing Caddell about a now-famous photo of the much-younger pollster shaking hands with Carter in the Oval Office.

In another clip, Caddell expressed dismay at the Russian collusion narrative by joking that he himself had to "collaborate with the Russians" to get his granddaughter a pet dog that had been featured in shows in that country.

Watch Caddell's top moments above.

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