"Saturday Night Live" alumnus and radio host Joe Piscopo told Judge Andrew Napolitano Monday that he may be the one who needs to "save" their home state of New Jersey.

Piscopo, who nearly ran in 2017, said on Fox Nation's "Liberty File" that the "broad-stroke agendas" by liberals in the state cannot continue. 

"Somebody's gotta save the state," he said. "What about property taxes? What about the inner cities? What about helping the citizens of the state of New Jersey?"

Piscopo said that people are leaving the Garden State because it's over-taxed and over-regulated.

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"You cannot afford it anymore, and you cannot take an ideological approach to politics in the state of New Jersey or, I think, the state of New York or in California," he said.

He added that the "tenor, the sovereignty" and the "character" of New Jersey is being taken away under its current leadership.

State Democrats and Gov. Phil Murphy (D), elected in 2017, drew the ire of Garden State Republicans recently with a so-called "rain tax." 

The New York Post reported:

The law allows each of the state’s 565 municipalities to set up its own public stormwater utility. The new bureaucracies will build and manage sewer systems to treat pollutant-filled stormwater runoff.

The infrastructure could cost billions, state authorities say. Under the law, the utilities can levy steep fees on properties with large parking lots, long driveways, or big buildings — which create the most runoff.

The state would scoop up 5 percent of the proceeds.

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