Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Monday on America's Newsroom that he believes Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein were searching for a way to remove President Trump from office.

 McCabe, former deputy director of the FBI, told CBS News' "60 Minutes" that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein was "absolutely serious" about recording Trump following the firing of James Comey.

According to a bombshell New York Times report last year, Rosenstein suggested recording the president to expose his motive for the firing.

McCabe also confirmed in his interview over the weekend that he ordered an obstruction of justice probe against the president.

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"This is a serious issue. I think McCabe and Rod Rosenstein really believed that the president had obstructed justice," Dershowitz said. "They were looking for a way -- short of impeachment -- to remove him from office."

Dershowitz said that there ought to be hearings for both men before Congress about how serious the discussions were to invoke the 25th Amendment.

"Any law enforcement official who thinks that the 25th Amendment operates in a case like this is disqualified from serving in government," he said. "That would be a serious movement toward an unconstitutional coup d'etat, and I hope that didn't happen."

The 25th Amendment of the Constitution provides the means to replace a sitting president if he dies or is incapacitated. Dershowitz emphasized it would not have applied in the situation that McCabe and Rosenstein are alleged to have discussed it.

Watch Dershowtiz's discussion with Bill Hemmer above.

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