The crew on Saturday night's Greg Gutfeld Show mocked the pandering nature of Democrats who have announced their candidacies for the 2020 presidential election.

Sen. Kamala Harris, of California; Sen. Cory Booker, of New Jersey; and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts, among others, have announced bids for the Oval Office.

Some of the promises made by Democratic presidential hopefuls are tax hikes for the super wealthy and health care for all.

On Saturday, the Gutfeld Show played a "campaign ad" for the Desperate Party of America, whose candidates will do whatever it takes to get elected.

According to one candidate, the Desperate Party is looking to tax the super-wealthy – except the super-wealthy who hate President Donald Trump.

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Border security is of the utmost importance in the Desperate Party, another candidate said, which is why slingshots will be provided for all Americans.

The most important thing about the Desperate Party, though, is free health care. Another of the party's candidate's said that dry cleaning and even arson will be free too.

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