Dr. Drew Pinsky urged actor Jonah Hill to "double-down" on his traditional form of comedy on Fox Nation's "UN-PC" after Hill said in a recent interview that he wants to "challenge traditional masculinity" in his films.

While promoting his directorial debut, "Mid90s," Hill told Variety that the film features children speaking to each other "in such a harmful way, such a misogynistic way, such a homophobic way."

He said that in earlier films he's starred in, "a lot of what they’re showing is major bro comedy, and bro masculinity."

"I’m learning I’ve got to unlearn a lot of stuff, and maybe some of the people that liked 'Superbad' will come with me on that journey."

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Dr. Drew argued that if Hill truly wants to shine a light on toxic masculinity, he should "double-down on the comedy."

"Show it out. Show it for what it was," he said. "Take a good, hard look at it. Double down on it, and let humor do its job. It's supposed to bring out truth."

Co-host Tyrus added that, while humor can bring people together, it's also meant to recognize peoples' differences.

"Laughter heals a lot of wounds, and room full of laughter with a lot of people of different persuasions and ethnicities can laugh at the same jokes, and that's how common ground is built," he said.

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