President Trump "outfoxed" Democrats by signing the bipartisan border security compromise, Dan Bongino said Saturday on Fox & Friends.

Trump signed the legislation that would provide nearly $1.4 billion for new border barriers, and he also announced he'd be declaring a national emergency at the border, in an effort to divert billions of government dollars toward his desired wall.

Bongino, a Fox News contributor and former Secret Service agent, said that he isn't sure if Democrats realize how badly Trump "wrecked" them in how he'll fund a wall.

He said by the time Trump gets to national emergency funding, he will have already spent billions of dollars from other legally obtained federal funds.

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"I don't think the Democrats understand how badly they got owned on this thing on the funding side," Bongino said.

Many top Democrats, though, appeared to disagree with Trump's announcement Friday. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand called the decision "an outrageous abuse of power," and 2020 presidential candidate Julian Castro said Trump instigated a "constitutional crisis" in declaring such an emergency.

"President Trump outfoxed these guys again," Bongino said. "He outfoxed them again, I'm sure of it."

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