On Fox Nation's "The Russia Hoax," Gregg Jarrett and his guests questioned why former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe hasn't been indicted.

Hosted by Jarrett, "The Russia Hoax" is an in-depth discussion based on the Fox News legal analyst’s best-selling book about the “illicit scheme to clear Hillary Clinton and frame Donald Trump.

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Jarrett argued there was a "cabal of corruption" at the FBI under former Director James Comey, noting that numerous anti-Trump officials involved in the Russia investigation either quit or were fired, including lovers Peters Strzok and Lisa Page, James Baker, James Rybicki and McCabe.

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell agreed and said what is really appalling is that none of those individuals have faced legal consequences.

"McCabe's still under investigation. Where's the indictment? The inspector general found three counts of lying under oath, and there's been no indictment," Powell said.

McCabe was fired from the FBI in March 2018 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions after it was determined he lied to investigators about a leak.

Doug Burns, also a former federal prosecutor, said the lack of attention given to McCabe's misconduct just highlights the "double standard and the hypocrisy" of the left and the mainstream media.

"He can lie three times, at least, that we know about. And that's just passed as though it's nothing," Burns said. "And then, in the Mueller probe, somebody lies [under oath], and it's like World War 8." 

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