Fox News analyst Gen. Jack Keane sat down with Mark Levin for a fascinating, in-depth conversation on America's foreign adversaries, which will air Sunday at 10:00 p.m. ET on "Life, Liberty & Levin."

During the discussion, Levin noted that despite its public reputation, Russia is a "relatively poor country" with the "GDP of Texas."

Keane agreed, saying that it is a "one-commodity product country" in that its chief export is oil and other fuels.

Despite being the largest country in the world by land mass, it has many problems, Keane said.

"The ruble is in trouble," he said, adding that of the industrialized nations, it ranks near the top in HIV, respiratory diseases and has a long-running alcoholism problem among its population

Keane said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his administration see that and want their nation to return to the strength it had during the Cold War in the form of the Soviet Union.

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Keane said Russians are wary of the West in part because Baltic states that were formerly part of the U.S.S.R. and formed a "buffer" with Europe are now independent and members of NATO.

He added that the idea of having a buffer is important because Russians are cognizant of the fact the German military got within several dozen miles of Moscow during World War II.

All that together, "it creates this myth that the U.S. and NATO are really the aggressor in the world," he said, adding that activities in Afghanistan and the Middle East play into that as well.

"They are fixated on NATO," he said.

Watch more above and tune in Sunday at 10:00 p.m. ET for the full interview on "Life, Liberty & Levin."

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