Abby Hornacek is the newest addition to the Fox Nation roster, joining the members-only streaming platform as a lifestyle, sports and travel host.

Abby, the daughter of former NBA player and coach Jeff Hornacek, will also host a "ride to work" series with other Fox News/Fox Nation personalities.

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1. I'm attempting to learn the banjo

I’m not the most musically-gifted person, but I started learning the guitar in high school. I always wanted to learn the banjo because I love country music, so I started saving up, drove to Old Town School of Folk Music when I was living in Chicago, and bought a banjo. I spent HOURS picking it out, but finally found the one. I try to practice as much as possible, so if you’re my neighbor, I apologize!

2.  I’m old-fashioned.

I prefer a handwritten note over a present, I think it’s important to write "Thank You" notes, I still read books, but refuse to use a Kindle, I own a typewriter, and I LOVE nature, so I grew up camping.

I spent part of my childhood in Utah, so we went mountain biking, camping and hiking as a family pretty frequently. I distinctly remember bringing balsa wood and a pocket knife, so we could carve while we were camping.

I think my fondness for being outdoors is one of the reasons I’m a huge adrenaline junkie. I’ve been skydiving twice, bungee jumping, and I love rollercoasters and heights!

3. I’ve been playing sports since I could walk. 

I trained at two of the three Olympic Training Centers for volleyball, then went on to play sand volleyball at USC.

In my free time, I love to do basketball trick shots and go to "Dave & Busters" to play Pop-a-Shot.

4. My family is the most important thing in my life

I wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of my parents and two brothers.

My parents have been married for 32 years (33 in June) and are a couple to look up to. One of my brothers, Ryan, attended Notre Dame, while my other brother, Tyler, and I went to USC, so there’s a huge football rivalry in the family!

We are extremely close and do a lot of things together.

5. My favorite store is Home Depot.

You can always find me in the PVC pipe aisle. There are so many things you can make. My go-to is a marshmallow launcher. I use the saw to make various lengths of PVC pipe and put them together with different sized connectors. Home Depot is the Happiest Place on Earth!

And here’s a bonus fun fact: I’ve never eaten a PB&J.

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