Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack, reflected on the year that has transpired since his daughter was murdered in the mass shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla on Feb. 14, 2018.

"I made a lot of progress," Pollack said. "I took a different path than the mainstream media and liberal politicians."

Pollack noted how he had been named to the Florida Board of Education by then-Gov. Rick Scott, and "looked at the facts" for ways to prevent future shootings.

"[We] addressed the problem and made a lot of changes at the federal level with the president," he said, adding that he is also working alongside current Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Pollack ripped what he called "Obama-era leniency policies" that allowed students like shooter Nikolas Cruz to remain in school despite several disciplinary actions taken against him.

"Every kid is [now] going to have a safer environment," he said.

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Pollack praised DeSantis for appointing active shooter situational expert Gregory Tony as Broward County Sheriff, suspending the controversial Scott Israel.

Pollack said he thinks about Meadow every day, and is "fighting for her" through the work he is doing in Tallahassee as well as with the Trump administration.

"The president did a lot for school safety. He didn't get a lot of acknowledgment for it," Pollack said.

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