The "Outnumbered" panel on Thursday panned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's controversial Green New Deal.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday initiated steps to bring the progressive proposal up for a floor vote, which Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer ripped as a "cheap, cynical ploy" and "a game of political gotcha."

Kennedy said if Democrats are so committed the the deal and most of the announced 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have supported it, then it doesn't make sense for them not to want to vote on it.

"This was your bill, this was something you're excited about you're trying to push through," Tyrus agreed, lamenting how divided both the Congress and the country are.

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Melissa Francis said she doesn't mind seeing politicians "putting aside the niceties" and stating what they actually believe, but she does have serious problems with the substance of the Green New Deal.

The proposal aims to transform the U.S. economy in a bid to combat climate change, with a primary goal of having net-zero emissions within ten years.

"It is an incredibly elitist proposal that would be paid for on the backs of all working people," Francis said.

She explained that rising energy costs hurt everyday people who are already struggling to fuel their vehicles and pay their utility bills.

"And when you stand there at the beginning and you say that these things are mathematically and physically impossible, and will cripple the economy and hurt people, you [are told you] hate the environment," Francis said.

Watch the "Outnumbered" discussion above.

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