The tentative bipartisan compromise on border security will act as a "down payment" for President Trump's wall, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday.

Trump said on Monday that although he isn't happy with the deal, which would dedicate $1.4 billion to fund the wall, he does not want to enter another government shutdown.

The proposed funding is far less than the president's original $5.7 billion demand, and also calls for 55 miles of new fencing.

McCarthy (R-Calif.) said on Outnumbered Overtime that the deal should be finished in writing later Wednesday."

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"I view this as a down payment. The president still has more tools in his toolbox. He can go and grab more money, finish the wall, but the most important thing here is the wall is being built," he told Harris Faulkner.

McCarthy said that lawmakers have been listening to experts when it comes to where to construct the wall.

"We want to make sure we're building in the top three places that the experts say you need these barriers to be in," he said.

He said that Trump will not give up, and that lawmakers will ultimately ensure that the border is secure.

Watch the conversation above.

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