Responding to the outrage over a new Esquire Magazine profile, The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles said Wednesday that the left is encouraging others to condemn young white male teens.

The cover story profiles a high school senior from Wisconsin and his experiences growing up "in the era of social media, school shooting, toxic masculinity, #MeToo, and a divided country."

Many on social media mocked the piece and magazine, lambasting the fact that it was published during Black History Month.

On Fox & Friends, Knowles compared the criticism to the media's coverage of an encounter between Covington High School students and a Native-American man last month. 

"They have driven themselves, on the left, so crazy with the politics of victim-hood, the identity politics of race and sex, that they have convinced themselves that there is this one evil category of person," he said.

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He said that the left is "searching for an argument" after concluding the new story was controversial.

"The conclusion being we should never have any sympathy for these awful oppressors, the young white men, and the argument now saying that February is an inappropriate month for that."

Esquire Editor in Chief Jay Fielden explained the reasoning for the piece in an embedded note, saying that it will kick off a series of profiles that will include people of other races and sexual orientations.

Knowles added that the article points out that its subject -- similar to many American children -- are getting "mixed messages" in society.

"We're told race doesn't matter, we're told that we should treat everybody based on the content of their character, and then as this kid has found out, we're told that certain people should shut up," he said.

Watch the discussion above from Fox & Friends.

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