On the new episode of "Moms" on Fox Nation, two wives of U.S. Border Patrol agents described the stigma now associated with their husbands' jobs. 

In a revealing sit-down with Rachel Campos-Duffy, Renea Perez and Jill Demanski said they've faced accusations of racism and sometimes are hesitant to tell people what their husbands do. 

"I have had people literally say to my face that I'm racist. They call me a privileged white girl. They don't know any of my background or my story," said Demanski.

Campos-Duffy said many people don't realize the Border Patrol force is 52 percent Hispanic. Perez said her husband is Hispanic and she's "very proud proud of what he does every day," despite the critics.

"But I think twice about saying what he does. I shouldn't have to feel that way," she explained.

Campos-Duffy was also joined by Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son Brandon - a police sergeant - was struck and killed in 2014 by an illegal immigrant drunk-driver, and Carrie Utz, whose mother and godmother were killed in 2006 by an illegal immigrant in a hit-and-run crash.

Mendoza said it's "sickening" that Border Patrol agents are not praised for the job they do and for the risks they take to protect the country. 

Watch the clips above and sign up for a free trial on Fox Nation to stream the full episode of "Moms" on-demand. 

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