Singer Ricky Rebel defended the pro-Trump outfit he wore to Sunday night's Grammy Awards on Fox & Friends, saying that the president inspired him to be a "true alpha."

Rebel, turned heads at the awards show in Los Angeles when he walked down the red carpet wearing a jacket that read "KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" in the front and "TRUMP 2020" on his sleeve and back.

He said Tuesday that he loves hiring people for his shows and loves working, similar to Trump's focus on employment and growing the economy.

"Here's a president who came out and said he wanted 'jobs, jobs, jobs,' he wants more money for Americans. He put America first," Rebel said. "I thought 'that's amazing, that's what I want to do as a person.' So, he inspired me to become the new alpha."

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He also explained how his suit jacket is reversible, and that he gave photographers on the red carpet "the reveal" by flipping it to the Trump-centric side.

"Their jaws dropped," he said. "And I loved it."

Rebel said that like him, Trump is a pragmatist, and he wants people to respect those who voted for him.

"I get that some people might not like everything about him and I respect their opinions. ... I don't like the hatred that's being spewed on Trump supporters. It's gross," he said.

Another pro-Trump singer, Joy Villa, also showed her support for the president at Sunday's show by wearing a border wall-inspired dress.

A brick pattern encompassed Villa's ensemble, complete with "barbed wire" around her shoulders. She also carried a red "Make America Great Again" purse.

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