Stuart Varney reacted to Sen. Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign kickoff, on his latest "My Take" on Fox Nation.

Varney said Warren (D-Mass.) is the latest in a long line of Democrats to engage in a "constant attempt to whip up jealousy" in regard to personal wealth.

"That's the nature of the left's challenge today," he said. 

Warren said she wanted to see "big structural change" in America, and Varney noted her "anger" at the rich is only "barely concealed" in her remarks.

Warren is worth more than $4 million, but still "detests the rich," Varney said.

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Varney said that, growing up in England, he was "brought up with people like this."

He said the United Kingdom has historically been a "class-based society," and that American socialists "want to bring that class warfare over here."

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