The commissioner of Texas' Department of Agriculture touted the effectiveness of a border wall ahead of President Trump's 2020 campaign rally in the city of El Paso.

Trump is set to hold the rally in the border city Monday to further advocate for his long-promised wall, his first rally of the next presidential campaign.

Commissioner Sid Miller said on America's Newsroom that crime in El Paso has dropped significantly since the introduction of a border fence in the city.

"It's a stated fact that the wall has stopped crime, and it has lowered in El Paso," he said, adding that conservatives fail to recognize that building an extended border wall is "the most humanitarian" solution to border security.

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Refuting comments by Democrats that an extended border wall is "immoral," Miller said that what is actually immoral is giving migrants false hope.

He said that a wall will allow illegal immigrants to be funneled through legal channels, and also help to stop sex and drug trafficking.

Miller also said that former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke is playing to the far-left in leading an opposing march on Monday against a border wall.

"We need to secure the border for our side, for the protection of the immigrants coming in. They're being exploited. ... Walls absolutely work, there's no doubt about it," he said.

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